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The community determines funding allocation, yet every project is reviewed. This ensures that regardless of how a community votes across the portfolio of projects, impact is maximized, and all projects available for support by the community are high quality with verifiable impact.

Beyond projects that sequester carbon from the atmosphere, we are also keen to support projects that deliver holistic planetary regeneration in increasing biodiversity, restoring degraded habitats, etc.

  1. Propose a project
  2. Review By Core Team
  3. Receive Funding as Ecosystem Project
  4. Review By Climate Council
  5. Receive Additional Funding in Spirals Collection

Stage 1 - Propose A Project

Eventually, this will happen through a governance proposal. For now, please fill out this form.

Projects should include as much information as they can about their approach to impact and what the funds will be used for. This helps to provide a clear picture of the mission and vision of the project, and convey the story behind the work being done.

Stage 2 - Initial Project Review

After creating a proposal, projects enter the review queue where community can help in researching the impact potential. We recommended joining our Discord Community to tell people about why your project should be approved and receive feedback.

For now, the core team at Spirals does a first pass at reviewing projects.

In the future, the community will be able to contribute to the review process.

Stage 3 - Projects Receive Funding

Once a project is approved by the core team, it is listed on the Spirals dApp and can start receiving yield from stakers.

Projects in this stage do not earn funding from the Collection but receive the yield from stakers directly selecting their project.

Impact Funds will be released to these projects in batches. Projects are expected to provide regular updates and verification to continue being listed and receiving funding.

Stage 4 - Climate Council Review

The Climate Council is a multi-disciplinary committee of experts that collectively hold a comprehensive understanding of the climate crisis. The Council is responsible for vetting and selecting the most promising climate impact projects to receive funding from the Spirals Collection.

After a thorough analysis by the Climate Council, a decision will be made as to whether or not the project is a good fit to join the Spirals Collection. The entire decision making and analysis process will be transparent and publicly available.

Projects that are not accepted will be told why that decision was made and will be given an opportunity to clarify and/or improve. Projects that are approved will be accepted to the collection.

Stage 5 - Projects Receive Additional Funding

Approved projects are added to the Spirals Collection.

Impact Funds will be released to approved projects in batches. Regular updates and verification of impact throughout the lifecycle of the project will be required in order to stay active on the platform and eligible to receive continued funding support from the Spirals community.

Note that the Climate Council can remove projects at any point if they are failing to meet the expectations.