• To honor the complexity of natural systems and resist reductionism.
  • To support transparency and validation of impact claims.
  • To directly fund projects, limiting intermediaries as much as possible.
  • To make regenerative financial tools accessible to non-technical people.


The SCC is responsible for upholding the integrity of the Spirals mission to support climate impact projects. This includes vetting candidate projects for being high quality with verifiable impact and selecting the best projects to bring into the Spirals ecosystem for funding.

The SCC is also responsible to create and share proposals for a candidate project’s approval or denial, serving as a decision making tool and transparency mechanism.

Project Preference

The SCC has preference towards long-term, high-impact nature based solutions that address a root cause of the climate crisis, not just a symptom.

The SCC strives to support projects that go beyond carbon to measure biodiversity, soil health, groundwater, social impact, etc.

The SCC recognizes the importance of supporting projects in the early stages of development when funding is more scarce, but more impactful. Forward contracts will be a valuable tool to enable this early support.

Decision Rights

The SCC makes the final decision on which projects are approved for Spirals funding and support. To start, decisions are communicated through our community discord and by email. However, going forward there are plans to build out a discussion forum and end to end native experience.

Decision Making Process

The SCC will use consent decision making.

Unlike consensus, which looks to find a solution that everyone supports and agrees with, consent seeks a decision that each of us can move forwards with because we don’t believe that doing so will cause significant harm.

Advice Process

Members of the SCC will seek advice as needed from other network contacts with relevant expertise.

For Spirals-related advice the SCC’s point of contact will be Alex Corren, Impact Lead.

Time Commitment

Holding a position on the SCC will take around 5 hours per month of focused attention, often in bursts.

The term length for SCC members starts at 6 months, with the opportunity to serve multiple terms if re-elected by the SpiralsDAO community.