Where can I use green tokens today?

Most gTokens can be immediately redeemed for the original deposit (no unlocking period). Some gTokens have an unlocking period because their underlying yield strategies are subject to the unlocking periods of L1 staking.

Today, we support these chains & tokens – and we’re hoping to bring you many more soon πŸ‘€

ChainTokenUnlocking Period
Ethereum πŸ’ŽETH*Withdrawals only available as Lido stETH
Polygon πŸŸͺUSDC-
Celo 🟒🟑CELO3 days (72 hours)

Can I use them anywhere else?

We’re working with a handful of dApps & protocols to integrate gTokens today, and are super excited by the use cases that we’re already starting to see:

  • Paying DAO contributors with gTokens
  • Disbursing grant funds as gTokens
  • Facilitating recurring investments into gTokens
  • Staking marketplace fees as gTokens

If you are building a web3 product and would like to integrate with gTokens, please see the next section Building on Green Tokens to get started πŸš€

Missing something?

Are we missing your favorite chain or token? Let us know at team@spirals.so so we know where we should be looking to build next!