What are green tokens?

Green tokens (gTokens) represent cryptocurrencies in a vault earning yield that committed towards funding impactful climate projects.
Green tokens are ERC-20 tokens that are always issued 1:1 for each token deposited. They can always be used to redeem the underlying token from the vault on a 1:1 basis as well!

Let's walk through a more concrete example 👇

Say you deposited 1 ETH into Spirals. At that point you are issued 1 Green ETH (gETH). This gETH you are holding represents 1 ETH being put to work. In this case, it's sitting in a vault and earning passively for amazing climate work!
By simply holding gTokens, you are making an impact and each vault has ways to calculate exactly how much yield & impact is attributable to a single gToken holder. Furthermore, like any ERC-20 gTokens can be transferred to other wallets. When transfers happen, the receiver starts making an impact as well that they can show off to the world 💪

What is the long-term goal?

We are actively working to make sure that gTokens can reach a level of adoption and utility that make them a regenerative primitive in web3. In the future, whether they know it or not gToken holders will be continuously funding projects that drawdown carbon, restore biodiversity, and heal our planet 🌎
Make a positive impact on climate change by simply holding gTokens!