Follow the links below to see the vault contracts and reach out to if you need help with anything 🀲

Note: our vaults are deployed as ERC-1967 proxy contracts so make sure you follow links to the implementation to see the verified contract code.

Green Token Vaults

ChainTokenVault AddressYield StrategyAPY
EthereumgETH0x06a0ccfb89e9b2814afca6637c22ed83909739eeLido stETH5.3%
PolygongUSDC0x3cb95635f9b2321e174Cb22f41D13ac1ADD478B0Aave V31.3%
PolygongDAI0x544Cd8b8ABb283333B16e71bd855D93bf6C94F35Aave V31.2%
CelogCELO0x8A1639098644A229d08F441ea45A63AE050Ee018Staked Celo4.5%
CelogcUSD0xFB42E2e90fc79CfA6A6B4EBa4877d5Faf4e29287Moola Market (Aave V2)6.1%
EthereumgUSDCcoming soonYearn USDC Vault2.2%

Reach Out

Have ideas on which chain or token we should support next? Or ideas on how to earn more yield and improve the strategy of our vaults? Don’t hesitate to reach out to to share your ideas πŸ™